COVID-19 CARE supports fighting against viral diseases

HealthFOX a digital healthcare solutions development company has launched a new product: The COVID-19 CARE -application. It is developed for healthcare professionals to support their work against different virus-related diseases. COVID-19 CARE is scaled for global markets and is ready for use instantly.

COVID-19 CARE supports citizens to make a self-assessment of possible virus infection and determine the need for care. The application will guide the patient to get the correct care.

COVID-19 CARE self-care program is compiled by the multi professional healthcare team who use it, so that the right information of the disease is immediately communicated. The self-care program includes the appropriate elements needed to monitor the impact of care.

The application will remind the patient in self-care or in quarantine to make and document self-care tasks and physical exercises. It reports on the progress of outpatient care to hospital and doctors who can follow the progress remotely.

COVID-19 CARE’s secure remote communication solution ensures high quality outpatient care. Healthcare professionals and patients can communicate via chat or online video. The built-in information channels allow for real-time news updates, press releases on the spread of the disease current status.

COVID-19 CARE takes care of the rehabilitation after the recovery from the virus infection ensuring timely return back to normal life, hobbies and work. The patient will never be alone with the care, as the healthcare professionals are always available via the application to provide needed information to survive from the infection and rehabilitation.

COVID-19 CARE deployment

COVID-19 CARE is a cloud base service and it is ready to be taken into use by public and private healthcare operators instantly. Patients can download the application from the App Store or Google Play- store. Applications supports strong authentication according to the local requirements. COVID-19 CARE complies to cloud service, data protection, GDPR and hospital safety requirements and is available to integrate with hospital inpatient care systems.

COVID-19 CARE building a care pathway

The care pathway is produced in collaboration with Doctors, Therapists and Nurses. Doctors defines the care plan, tasks and goals. Therapists and nurses define issues related to self-care and rehabilitation in accordance with goals of the care plan.

Digital tools support care path way production and deployment of care pathways are ready to take into use after the hospital's approval process. HealthFOX supports development on care pathways, production of required materials and AV materials, and their integration to COVID-19 CARE.

HealthFOX Covid-19 Care Pathway

COVID-19 CARE technical sheet

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COVID-19 CAREn HealthFOX team

Managing director

Kimmo Korhonen

Medical and health advisors

Prof. Olli Vainio

Dr. Chrisna Ravyse

Audio-visual content director

Hannu Aaltonen


Alex Kivikoski

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