The terms listed below must be followed during trial period and actual productive use. These time periods may be clarified if needed.

Welcome to HealthFOX Oy services. HealthFOX Oy (”HealthFOX”, ”FOX” or “we”) offers mobile health services with the HealthFOX mobile application (”Application) and the online service located at (”Web Site”). Application and Web Site are collectively referred as ”Service”. Service is a mobile health service which provides a video- and instant message -based communication channel with healthcare professionals. Video calls and chat-based discussions with healthcare professionals shall be referred hereinafter as ”Consultation”. Consultation is always provided by licensed healthcare professionals (later referred to as ”Healthcare Professional”). Each Healthcare Professional has a profile in the Service so you will know beforehand to whom you are talking to. You can also find Healthcare Professional’s license in Valvira’s Terhikki registry in Finland or similar registry abroad.


The Service is meant for consulting healthcare professionals and evaluating your need for treatment. Healthcare Professionals evaluate your need for treatment in Consultations and give you care instructions. You agree to contact your attending physician immediately if your condition changes or if your symptoms get worse or continue.

These terms of service (“Terms”) form the legally binding terms which apply to all use of the Service, regardless of whether you are using Service on a personal computer, mobile phone or via other means. Terms apply to all services which are offered in the Service by HealthFOX Oy, our employees and/or Healthcare Professionals working as independent entrepreneurs in HealthFOX or other healthcare units wheather they are public or private units using HealthFOX service.

Remember that these Terms form a legal agreement between you (“you” or “the user”) and us and define your rights and responsibilities while using the Service. It is important that you read and understand these Terms.

By registering into the Service, clicking “I Agree” or a similar button, installing or accessing the Service or otherwise using the Service, you confirm that you have read and understood these Terms and all the documents referred to in these Terms, including our Privacy Policy for Clients and Privacy Policy for Patients. You confirm that you understand that sensitive information about your health and patient information will be processed in the Service, and you consent to their processing in a manner which has been described in the Privacy Policy for Clients and Privacy Policy for Patients.

Our privacy policies have also been summarized in section 9 of these Terms. Furthermore, you accept that these Terms and our Privacy Policies are legally binding. You confirm that you are legally competent to accept these Terms and follow them, that you have read and understood the Terms in their entirety, and that your mental capacity isn’t diminished due to mental illness, intoxication, medication or any health issue or other issue which might lower your mental capacity. By using the Service, you agree to these Terms. Do not use, install or access Service or register as a user of the Service if you do not accept or understand these Terms. If you are asked to accept these Terms before installing the Application or other software related to the Service and you do not accept them, you do not have the right to use the software or Application. Please uninstall all copies of the software or the Application immediately in such a situation. HealthFOX Oy is only liable for the use which complies to these terms of service. HealthFOX Oy is not liable for terms of service in case of a FORCE MAJEURE (nationwide power outage, earthquake, war, global pandemic which completely prevents HealthFOX’s business activity, or other similar situations).

We reserve the right to modify or change portions of these Terms at our discretion. Therefore we recommend that you check the Terms periodically for changes. By continuing to use the Service, you accept any changes to the Terms. If you have any questions regarding these Terms, you can find our contact information at the end of Terms.


Registration follows the laws currently in force at your country. You promise that you will use the Service according to all applicable rules and laws.

You must register for the Service and continuously follow these Terms in order to use the Service. You must be at least 18 years old to register for and to use the Service. If the patient is under 18 years old, the care institution may discuss the use of HealthFOX system with HealthFOX Oy. If both parties agree, the Service may be provided to a person younger than 18 years old although the laws of the patient’s country of residence still has be followed. The Service is meant only for personal use.

You are prohibited from using the Service in countries or locations where registering for or using the Service is illegal. You agree not to use the Service in any such country or location.

You agree not to provide us with false or misleading information while using the Service. If any information you provide later becomes false or misleading, you shall inform us of the change immediately. HealthFOX Oy is not responsible for any false information you provide us.

We have the right to deny registration for any reason. Registration may be restricted for reasons such as location.

Using the service to evaluate a minor’s need for treatment

A minor or a legally incompetent person may not register for the Service by themselves. However, the Service may allow the minor’s legal guardian to use the Service in the minor’s stead for reasons such as evaluating the minor’s need for treatment. This requires that the legal guardian has the right to access information regarding the minor’s health, view the minor’s medical records and/or make decisions on the minor’s medical treatment, under the Act on the status and rights of patients (785/1992, “Patient Act”) and other applicable laws. Where applicable in these Terms, “you” or “the user” also refers to the legal guardian using the Service in the minor’s stead.

The legal guardian using the Service in the minor’s stead is responsible for following all the applicable laws and assuring that the other legal guardian’s right to be heard and other legal rights are fulfilled in mutual understanding between the guardians.

The guardian may only use the service in the minor’s best interests, regardless of circumstances. The guardian shall not under any circumstance use the Service in the minor’s stead in a way which could conflict with the minor’s best interests, such as in arguments about childcare.

The guardian is aware of the instructions in the Patient Act which dictate that a minor patient’s opinion on the treatment has to be assessed when the patient’s age and level of development make it possible. If a minor patient’s age and level of development enable the minor to make decisions on treatment, treatment has to proceed in mutual understanding with the minor. Furthermore, the guardian confirms that if the minor patient’s age and level of development enable the minor to make decisions on treatment, the minor has the right to deny the guardian or other legal representative from accessing information about the minor’s health and treatment.

The minor’s guardian promises to respect the minor’s right for privacy in all circumstances. The guardian has a specific responsibility to consider each time before accessing the Service whether there is a need to discuss the intended use of Service with the minor. The guardian has to ascertain the minor’s opinion on the use of the Service always when possible on the basis of the minor’s age and level of development. If the minor is able to understand the purpose of the Service, the guardian shall only use the Service in a way which the minor has accepted beforehand. The guardian has to consider the minor’s age and level of development and the other circumstances every time before accessing Service. The responsibility on rightful action always lies on the guardian. If the situation is unclear, the guardian shall not use Service in the minor’s stead. The guardian is always responsible for not using Service without permission. The guardian has the responsibility to inform HealthFOX of any changes in custody. When using the Service, the guardian is always fully responsible for adhering to applicable laws and regulations which are in accordance with these Terms.

Consultation, pricing, fees

The Service is a paid service. The current prices are always visible during purchase and elsewhere in the Service. The pricing may change from time to time.

The guideline duration of one-time paid Consultations is indicated in the Service. However, the exact duration of Consultations may vary and you are not entitled to a refund for unused time or Consultation fee even if the Consultation lasted for a shorter period of time than is stated in the Service. In the case that you are unable to connect or your connection is pre-emptively interrupted, you will not be charged. If the Service is busy, you may queue free of charge. If the Service allows you to use the Service without time limits for a fixed sum, you accept that HealthFOX may nevertheless place reasonable limitations to the use of Service.

By using the Service, you agree to pay all fees related to using the Service, including value-added tax where applicable, as is determined on the moment of purchase. You also agree that the fee will be charged with the payment method which is usable in the Service (“Payment Method”). You accept that all possible billing mistakes and errors can be rectified even if you had already been demanded to pay or if payment had already been accepted. Terms of payment are based on the Payment Method and may be defined by prevailing contract terms between you and the financial institution, credit card company or other provider of Payment Method.

You accept that the Service will be immediately activated electronically at your consent when the Consultation begins and that according to prevalent laws you have no right to cancel your subscription to the Service, provided that such laws exist and are in force in your country of residence. Be aware that using the Service requires Internet access, which may cause your operator to collect additional fees from you. You are responsible for any costs caused by your telecommunication connections, devices and software.

Patient data and confidentiality

Patient data is acquired, stored, distributed and kept safe according to the applicable laws and other regulations. You can find additional information in our Privacy Policy for Clients and Privacy Policy for Patients.

Intellectual property rights

These Terms grant you the right to use the Service only when these Terms are in force, and they do not give you property rights to the Service. HealthFOX Oy reserves all intellectual property rights and other rights to the Service and the Web Site and the Application related to the Service, including without limitation copyrights, patents and trade secrets. The user may not copy, record, reproduce, modify or distribute the Service or any parts of it. However, the user has the right to save individual personal data in accordance with the purpose of the Service and these Terms.

Services provided by third parties

The Service may also offer information about third party services or links to such services. HealthFOX is not responsible for these third party services or the information provided by them nor their accuracy, operations or neglects.

Prohibited use

The list below contains examples of prohibited use of Service:

In order to assure the integrity of the Service, we reserve the right to block users from certain IP addresses from accessing the Service at any time and without prior notice.

The user is liable for all direct and indirect damage, including damage to third parties caused by using the Service illegally, contradictory to these Terms, or in breach of good practices. Each user shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless HealthFOX Oy, its employees or independent entrepreneurs against any and all claims, demands and liabilities arising out of use of the Service by the user, the user’s neglects and all other matters within the user’s sphere of responsibility.

Privacy and security

Your privacy and the proper protection of your personal data are very important to us. The Service may be used to record and otherwise handle sensitive personal data. This data is confidential, and it may be processed and used only and solely in accordance with these Terms and the applicable laws. You can find a detailed description of how we collect and process your personal data in our Privacy Policy, which is available at This personal data forms the HealthFOX client registry unless otherwise agreed with the health institution providing the service.

The Act on Patient Records by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health defines how and what kind of information has to be collected by health services in order to arrange and carry out patient health care. This information forms a person registry for medical records which is separate from the HealthFOX client registry. You can find detailed information about how we handle medical records in our Privacy Policy for Patients, which concerns the centrally maintained patient registry for HealthFOX Oy and the Healthcare Professionals acting as independent entrepreneurs.

By using the Service, you accept and consent to the collection of personal data about you and your use of Service in accordance with our Privacy Policy for Clients, our Privacy Policy for Patients and the applicable laws and regulations.

Our Privacy Policy for Patients describes in detail how your medical records are stored in a centralized registry which is maintained at your consent by HealthFOX Oy service together with the independent entrepreneurs working with the service and participating in the centralized maintenance of the registry. Your medical records are confidential. They can be accessed with your consent in the medical services by the practitioners working with the services. Others may access them only on legal grounds or with your consent. You have a possibility to verify the information about you recorded in our registry by sending a written request or visiting in person. Your right of verification can only be denied in exceptions. Likewise you have the right to demand correction to erroneous information in our registry or to cancel or limit your consent.

You accept that the professionals participating in your treatment can access the HealthFOX Service to view your information, including any entries made by yourself. When the patient care relationship requires it, you give consent to your personal data being accessed by individuals working at the HealthFOX unit (during technical failure and in order to repair it), individuals participating in your treatment, and healthcare professionals who have joined the centralized patient registry maintained by HealthFOX. If you use the Service for anything else than occupational health, you give consent to the individuals taking care of your treatment for viewing your medical records which have been stored in the occupational health registry or other medical records which may have been collected from you as a client of occupational health.

In addition to what is provided in our Privacy Policy, you agree not to provide us with false personal information nor create an account for anyone else than yourself. You understand and accept that online and mobile services are not completely secure. You are responsible for the information security of your own devices, systems, accounts and actions. We remind to protect all of your Service-related accounts properly. You are responsible for any and all use of the Service which happens on your account.

Limitation of liability

You use the Service at your own responsibility. You understand and accept that the Service is provided to you on an “as is” basis.

Information and advice given to you by Healthcare Professionals via the Service shall be applied only as instructions and not as final recommendations for commencing an operation or a treatment. In all cases, HealthFOX’s and Healthcare Professionals’ liability is limited to the greatest extent permitted by law. HealthFOX Oy, our owners, directors, board members, employees, agents, shareholders, partners, advertisers or group companies or Healthcare Professionals offering services as independent entrepreneurs shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages (including but not limited to the following; disability, personal injuries, property damage, financial loss, involuntary manslaughter, erroneous diagnosis, erroneous information, erroneous treatment, loss of data, loss of access, loss of profit) caused by the use of Service or the inability to the use the Service, content in the Service or any content and/or information which you have acquired through the Service, even if we had been advised of the possibility of such damages. Any patient injuries shall be treated and recompensated according to the patient injury act or similar laws in force at the country in question. In all cases, HealthFOX’s liability will be limited to the fullest extent of the applicable Finnish law.

The Service is provided as a platform for accessing health information, and its services are provided on an “as is” basis. We do not warrant the accuracy, precision, correctness, quality, completeness, suitability or reliability of the information available in or through the Service or the uninterrupted, timely and error-free functioning of the Service. We will not be responsible or liable for any damage caused by the delay, change or loss of content within the Service or while using the Service. We recommend that you consult other sources to confirm the information obtained from the Service. Consult your own physician about the suitability of opinions or recommendations based on your own symptoms or health.

Be aware of the limitations caused by the lack of physical examination and personal counselling. Do not replace your relationship with the physician or other healthcare professional with the information obtained from the Service.

You acknowledge and accept that HealthFOX Oy or Healthcare Professionals are not liable for the decisions you make based on your use of the Service and the advice you obtain through it nor the consequences of such decisions, such as your choice to seek or not seek medical attention or to take or not take medication according to the information obtained through the Service. You agree to contact your physician immediately if your condition changes or your symptoms grow worse. You have to always consider at your own responsibility whether you will go through physical visitation, treatment or examination with the physician. The decision and the responsibility for using or not using such personal services as well as the HealthFOX Service lies solely within you.

It’s important to remember the possibility that the information recorded in the Service by the user will not be examined by the Healthcare Professional as is. If the user wishes the information to be examined as is, the user must make an agreement about it with the Healthcare Professional providing the service in a Consultation. It is up to the user to affirm during the Consultation that the Healthcare Professional has processed the information which the user wanted to have processed. The user is responsible for the information provided by the user and understands that the user-provided information is not a substitute for information obtained by a professional through personal reception, measurement or examination.

Both HealthFOX contract employees and independent entrepreneurs may offer Consultations in the Service. Independent entrepreneurs are not contracted by HealthFOX and may practice business as natural or legal persons. Anything stated about independent entrepreneurs also applies to any companies for which the entrepreneurs work. Unless compelled by law, HealthFOX Oy is not responsible for the advice or the content of other answers given by Healthcare Professionals acting as independent entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur and HealthFOX act as separate parties in regards to the client and the patient, and each party responds directly for their own service.

Dispute resolution and law

These Terms shall be governed in all respects by Finnish law, excluding choice-of-law provisions. Any demands, claims and disputes arising out of or related to these Terms shall be resolved by the District Court of Salo, Finland.

All demands and disputes arising out of or related to services offered by a Healthcare Professional shall be resolved directly between you and the Healthcare Professional in question. Decrees from Patient Injury Act or similar acts will be applied in a degree which is applicable to the issue. If you are unsatisfied with the service you receive, you have the right to notify the medical director of the healthcare unit or to complain to the health medical care authorities about the treatment or the way you have been treated during the treatment as is dictated in the Act on the status and rights of patients.

Contact information

The Service is provided by HealthFOX Oy (business ID 2634025-7). If you have questions regarding these Terms or the Service, you may contact us by e-mail at or send us mail to HealthFOX Oy, Hämeenkyläntie 124, 24130 Salo, Finland. Please do not to send information about your health or other sensitive information by e-mail.

Term and termination

We reserve the right to change or stop offering the Service at any time, for any reason and without prior notice, as well as the right to terminate or suspend your license to the Service and/or your account. After your license has been terminated, all conditions in these Terms which are meant to remain in effect despite the termination of the license shall continue to remain in effect.